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Icelandic Lamb Sales

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Please contact us to be put on the waiting list for meat lamb. 

Meat sold out until 2020

Icelandic Sheep Stock Sales 

Simon               D.O.B.: April 2, 2018                                 Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram B2SH 01F                        Colour: Black Spotted Parents: Nina and Archie

Status: SOLD


_________________________________________________________Pasquel               D.O.B.: April 2, 2018                                 Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram B2SH 02F                       Colour: Black Grey Spotted Parents: Nina and Archie

Status: Available


_________________________________________________________Donnie            D.O.B.: April 6, 2018                                 Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram M2SH 03F                      Colour: Moorit Grey Spotted Parents: Hatty and Archie

Status: SOLD

IMG 1106

_________________________________________________________Marie            D.O.B.: April 6, 2018                                   Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe M3SH 04F                       Colour: Moorit Spotted Badgerface Parents: Hatty and Archie

Status: Not for sale


_________________________________________________________Dot           D.O.B.: April 7, 2018                                        Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe M2SH 05F                       Colour: Spotted Grey Moorit Parents: Dolly and Archie

Status: SOLD


_________________________________________________________Vera            D.O.B.: April 7, 2018                                      Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe M5H 06F                       

Colour: Grey Moorit   Parents: Dolly and Archie

Status: Sold


_________________________________________________________John            D.O.B.: April 9, 2018                                      Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram M5SH 07F                        Colour: Spotted Moorit Parents: June and Archie

Status: On Hold


_________________________________________________________Antoine D.O.B.: April 11, 2018                                      Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram M3H 08F                        Colour: Moorit Badgerface Parents: Harriet and Archie

Status: Sold


_________________________________________________________Hugh          D.O.B.: April 11, 2018                                      Reg. Name: Spartonside Ram M5H 09F                        Colour:  Moorit      Parents: Harriet and Archie

Status: Sold


_________________________________________________________   Betty                D.O.B.: April 11, 2018                                        Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe B5H 10F                         Colour: Black        Parents: Alberta and Archie



_________________________________________________________  Veronica            D.O.B: April 11, 2018                                        Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe B5H 11F                         Colour: Black        Parents: Alberta and Archie

Status: Available


_________________________________________________________     Scarlet  D.O.B: April 14, 2018                                           Reg. Name: Spartonside Ewe M5SH 12F                         Colour: Spotted Moorit       Parents: April and Archie

Status: Sold


_________________________________________________________ Goat Sales 

All available goats SOLD

2018 Sheep delivery prices

Contact us for a quote on delivery charges for your exact location. 

Long distance deliveries go out in Sept/Oct to prevent overheating. Summer deliveries travel overnight for the same reason.

The following examples are to give you an idea of what your particular delivery charge may be.*Please note* Quotes are for customers of Spartonside Farm. Animals from other farms can be included in your delivery fee but animals must dropped off at Spartonside. Deliveries are quoted for A to B deliveries. Multiple pick ups or drop offs will have surcharges added.

Sooke -Free Duncan -Free  Nanaimo $60  Courtenay$110  Port Hardy $500                      Port Alberni $110   Youbou $50     Port Renfrew $80  Tsawassen-$220  Hope $300      Merritt $380  Princeton $380   Prince George $925   McBride  $900   Prince Rupert $1,500     Salmo $825 Revelstoke $785  Calgary Alta $1000    Lethbridge Alta $1,100               Edmonton Alta $1,100

Above quotes are for deliveries of up to 4 adult sheep or 8 lambs. Over that will be an addition $200 for off-island deliveries. (on-Island no extra charge) 

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